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  • The Table Setting Diagram.

    Some things are so completely useless, some are absolutely indispensable and others are just too funny!
    I really wouldn’t know into which category The Table Setting Diagram Placemat exactly fits but I certainly couldn’t ever define it as a normal American placemat.

    According to the rules of etiquette, laying the table carefully by paying attention to details is a sign of taste, refinement, education and good manners that hosts show to their guests.
    Perhaps it is because etiquette now makes everything too formal, or perhaps it is because we don’t attend important dinners every day, but we often don’t know where to start when faced with so many knives, forks and glasses!

    For those who do know, perhaps welcoming guests with The Table Setting Diagram Placemat will have a disarming effect, they might even have a laugh, but it certainly will save embarrassment!

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    1. hannahlauren says:

      where do i get my hands on one of these? i would love one!

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