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  • The Geometry of Pasta.

    Take an English chef who adores Italian food, add the graphics of an enviable collection of Italian cookery books and fry gently.

    And there you have it! The Geometry of Pasta: a recipe book that,
    accurately and precisely, delves into one of the world’s most loved Italian ingredients – pasta.
    With this book, Jacob Kenedy and Caz Hildebrand focus on the sizes and shapes of this food which, if accompanied by the right sauce and cooked correctly, can become an incomparable and delicious dish!
    An easy yet accurate journey among Agnolotti, Bucatini and Cappellini, going on through Dischi volanti, Fusilli and Gnocchi. With urgent steps we eventually arrive at Ziti. And everything comes garnished with those little secrets and suggestions that you never get to read on the back of the packets of pasta sitting plentiful on our shelves.

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