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  • Oneglass

    For the first time ever quality wine come in a single serving packaging. Oneglass is a 100 ml innovative packaging: lightweight, unbreakable and pocket-size. Designed to spread the culture of good wine is the right amount for tasting an excellent wine without risking to waste a full bottle. Ideal for drinking well, with taste and good measure, everyday, wherever you go.

  • Oneglass is practical.

    Light, unbreakable and pocket-sized package. Easy to use and easy to carry.

  • At home, everyday.

    How many times have you wanted to drink a good glass of wine only to decide opening a bottle fot two excessive? Well, here is the solution.

  • Oneglass, no waste.

    100 ml is the right amount for tasting an excellent wine without having to open a bottle, with the risk of not finishing it.

  • Oneglass is functional.

    Foil-lining packaging is ideal for maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of a wine even with a significan alcohol content.

  • Always with you.

    Now we don't have to do without a good glass of wine even when we are out. Not a bad idea, is it?

  • Oneglass is correct.

    100ml of wine maintain the necessary psycho-physical conditions required for driving within the legal limits (in those countries where drinking and driving is allowed).

  • Oneglass is ecological.

    Oneglass, made of paper (75%), polyethylene (20%) and aluminium (5%), is a packaging that can either be entirely recycled or used as a bio-fuel.
    In the former case, it is disposed of with waste paper and then its elements are separated and re-used, in their raw material state, respectively in the paper and plastic industry. As a bio-fuel, however, the paper is burned cleanly, the polyethylene is transformed into water vapour and carbon dioxide, while the aluminium becomes aluminium oxide, a substance that is then used to produce paper.
    Two different ways for 100% recyclability.

  • Lunch break!

    Tomorrow, lunch is on me, but this time let's drink a good glass of wine. What do you prefer, red or white?

  • Oneglass is light.

    Light-weight packaging taking into account the amount of wine inside.

  • Change the way you drink good wine!

    This time let's drink a good glass of wine! You think of the snacks and I will bring this!