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  • WineNews (february 2011)

    Glem proptrækkeren – alt hvad du behøver, er et glas. Den italienske producent Oneglass Wine’s vinemballage til et glas er den nyeste måde at nyde vin på farten. Rettet mod et yngre og mere miljøbevidste publikum giver enkelt-glas emballagen forbrugerne mulighed for at nyde et glas uden at spilde resten af flasken. Pakken, der leveres i form af en cut-out flaske, indeholder 100 ml. Den nye emballage påvirker hverken smagen eller kvaliteten af vinen. Emballagen er lavet af polylaminate (20 procent) og papir (75 procent), det er praktisk, let og miljøvenlig. Emballagen trykkes kan simpelthen trykkes flad og smides til genbrug når du har drukket vinen. Videoen nedenfor viser emballagen i aktion.

  • Yelp.com (january 2011)

    Ever worry about opening a bottle of wine and wasting any, or ever tried taking wine to a picnic? Do you relish red while your partner delights at white? Oneglass is the solution! The 100ml foil-lined, light, easy-to-use, unbreakable pocket-sized packages are ideal for maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of a wine even with a significant alcohol content. Our packages are made of paper (75%), polyethylene (20%) and aluminium (5%), a packaging that can either be entirely recycled or used as a bio-fuel. Cheers!

  • Packaging Diva (december 2010)

    Here’s a great packaging example with a multitude of purposes. Fulfilling a need.

  • Marketing de Vinhos (november 2010)

    No vídeo em baixo poderá encontrar uma nova forma de enviar um postal de felicitações ou/e de amostras. Na realidade trata-se de um postal, denominado OneGlass, que tem no seu interior vinho ! Uma quantidade de cerca de 100 ml, o que faz com que a embalagem seja efectivamente pequena, mas que permite que o destinatário efectue uma prova decente do vinho que lhe for enviado. Uma inovação que surgiu a partir de uma empresa italiana, e que foi apresentada na Fine Wine Fair. Este postal/embalagem é anunciado como ecológico e elaborado através de materiais recicláveis, que prometem igualmente manter a qualidade do vinho.

  • Homebuildlife.com (august 2010)

    A group of Italian designers from Verona have created a new wine packaging design that is intended to promote a healthier drinking culture. One glass contains a glassful of high quality Italian wine, that the designers hope will discourage people from unecessarily buying a whole bottle and instead encourage people to drink sensibly. As well as keeping the wine fresh, the foil-lined package is lightweight and easy to carry. The container is made up of 75% paper, 20% polyethylene and 5% aluminium, which allows it to be easily recycled after use.

  • Packagespeak.com (november 2010)

    The evolution of wine packaging has continued with the introduction of pouches. While several brands exist in multi-serve packages similar to the box, one Italian winery has taken the pouch concept a step farther…actually several steps farther, basically going anywhere you want to go. One Glass(tm) Wines brings us single serve pouches. Their premise – go ahead enjoy a glass of good wine without the risk of not finishing the bottle. The pouches are “light, unbreakable and pocket-sized – easy to use and easy to carry,” they say. I happened to mention this wine and their unique packaging to a friend (one of those true wine lovers), and before I knew it, she had grabbed my iPad and was looking up the website to place an order. She imagined now being able to enjoy good wine where previously it would not have been easy, such as at the beach, by the pool, at the movies (can you do that?).

  • Frizzifrizzi.it (june 2010)

    Wine is not only what's inside a bottle. Most of the time is what lies outside. That's Oneglass. A foil-lined packaging, mainly made of paper, with a minimal enviromental impact. Ideal to avoid wasting of the white or red nectar.

  • Marketingdelvino.it (may 2010)

    A young packaging for a young target. The pack, perfectly groomed, is much more cooler than the brick, nerverthless the price is kept low. It's functional, extremely lightweight and also ecological: the packaging, made by 74% of paper, is recyclable and it can be flattened after use reducing the encumbrance. Last, but not least is the product's quality: far above average.

  • The Drinks Report (may 2010)

    The ultimate lightweight single serve. Italian producer Oneglass Wine presented at the LIWF its stylishly packaged range of four IGT wines in 100ml paper packets that weigh just 110g (10g when empty). The foil-lined pocket-sized pack stands firm on a gusset base but is sealed flat at the neck making it easy to tear open and pour into a glass. The graphics are modern, clear and simple to appeal to the young, image-conscious consumer. Shelf life 12 months.

  • Harpers Wine&Spirit (april 2010)

    There is unlimited untapped potential for the new single varietal 10cl, one-glass Pinot Grigio, Vermentino, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese. It’s environmentally friendly, easy to recycle, extremely lightweight and effortlessly slips into a handbag, manbag or back pocket.

  • Glamour (July 2009)

    It looks like a bottle, but it's a single-serving. It's the new Oneglass.

  • Burda (July 2009)

    One glass of wine is enough! The wine that allow you to drink and then to drive (in those countries where is allowed).

  • Euposia (June 2009)

    Oneglass: a new drink makes its debut, quality wine in a foil-lined, single serving.

  • Italia Oggi (June 2009)

    Wine in a 100 ml, foil-lined bottle. It's time for a single-serving wine.

  • Di Più TV Cucina (June 2009)

    Italian wines in a non-glass pack.

  • In the World (May 2009)

    Oneglass, a glass of great wine. For the first time good quality Italian wines are available in a non-glass, practical, single-serving 100-ml pack.

  • Vie del Gusto (June 2009)

    The glass in your pocket. The intention is not to replace the traditional glass bottle but to become another possibility. Oneglass is the new, single-serving pack for those who love quality wines.

  • Oggi (June 2009)

    Oneglass, a new drinking experience. In order to drink well every day, with taste and good measure, Oneglass introduces great wines in a single-serving pack.

  • GDO Week (May 2009)

    With Oneglass good wine comes in a single serving. The Italian company introduces wine in a 100 ml packet aimed at evolved consumers.

  • Famiglia Cristiana (April 2009)

    The bottle gets cunning. Oneglass has arrived: the right quantity and good quality in a non-glass single-serving pack.